Being on the Lord’s Side in the Spiritual Warfare Going on Today!

The prayers we utter before the Lord must stand against and resist “counter-prayers” that are directed particularly against the church and the work we are carrying out to build up the church (John 17:15; Matt. 6:13; cf. Psa. 31:20).

“Our Christian life and church life today toward the end of this age is in the middle of a spiritual warfare. We need to be watchful and on the alert to know what the enemy is doing and what’s he up to, and bind him, limit his activities, and inflict loss on his kingdom.

The way to bind the enemy and limit him in his evil activities on earth is through prayer – much prayer, weighty prayer, personal and corporate prayer.

We need to go to the Lord and ask Him to give us a burden to pray both personally and corporately, so that He may gain the prayers that He needs to defeat His enemy and put him to shame.”

“We need to see the seriousness and the intensity of the situation in which we live today, and we need to consider before the Lord, What are we doing to bring this age to a close and to bring in the next age?

We live in a special time today, so there’s the need for special Christians to do a special work. We live in the most privileged time, a time in which we can do the most for God, and today we need to rise up and pray the prayer that will turn this age and fight the spiritual warfare!”

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Being the Overcomers who Fight the Spiritual Warfare to Hasten the Lord’s Coming


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