Who am I? I am just one who believes in the Lord Jesus – the Savior! I called on His name, received His life, and now I am a son of God! And so…. day by day I learn to contact Him, live a life together with Him, fellowship with Him, and even tell others about this Wonderful One!

We human beings are created for so much more than what the world has to offer – we are vessels to receive, contain and express God! Actually, nothing can satisfy us in this world – nothing can fill the emptiness within. What can really fill us is Christ Himself. The way to be filled – to receive God, taste Him – is simply by calling on His name! Lord Jesus! O, Lord Jesus! When we call, He comes in and this is the beginning of our Christian life! Now there is not just me, but me with God, God in me – together! He grows more every day, His divine life grows and spreads, and as I enjoy Him, He is being expressed out through me more and more! Wow, what a destiny – to be one with God and express Him!

You can read the Spanish version of this website(at least some of the articles here – translated in Spanish) at Dios-Hombre. Do you have a portion of Christ to share with the saints? Send your portion of enjoyment from the Word / the ministry at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com. Praise the Lord – Each One Has(1 Cor. 14)!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I typed in Oh Lord Jesus on Google and scrolled down a little bit and clicked on this websight. I found this by mistake but I found it. How would anyone else find this websight?

  2. 🙂 brother Michael, google can find this website, on the one hand 🙂 on the other hand, via facebook, via twitter, via other means where we can share with the other saints… 🙂 we don’t do the best job in promoting this blog, but somehow the saints keep finding it 🙂

  3. Praise the Lord agodman! God has sovereignly arrange everything, now using this advance technology to carry out His economy! I found this site from O Lord Jesus, I love You! I really love You! What an all-inclusive supply! I am new in Facebook and don’t know much about it. Most of my friends and my relatives are seeking, hungry and thirsty of the Lord. I’ve been searching for the gospel of the kingdom to sow and now I praise the Lord for leading me to this site! –“I planted, Apolos watered and God made to grow.” I am also being gospelize and truthize through this site. Amen!

  4. Wow, I totaly agree with you. I pray that you continue enjoing His amazing presence in your life. May God be with all of us.

  5. ..Wow.. As i open this site I was overwhelmed by the 1st phrase ”A god-man is a normal Christian”. Praise the Lord for that.. this site dispensed a very rich word of the Lord. Thank you for this dear saint.. keep on dispensing Christ through web.. It’s been a great help. I want to add this word;


    In Christ;
    Sister Divine Grace, Philippines

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