The Need for the Mending Ministry of John

Paul’s ministry was to complete the word of God (see Col. 1:25), Peter’s ministry was to “catch men alive” (through his gospel preaching), and John’s ministry was to mend the holes in the church. It is impressive to see how John, who was an impetuous young man ready to call fire from heaven over the unbelieving cities, became a person full of life, love, and light.

He went through a long process and at the end of his life, most likely when he was in his 90’s, he wrote his gospel (the gospel of life), his epistles (closing the epistles), and the book of Revelation (as a conclusion and last work of the New Testament and the entire Bible).

Why do we Need the Mending?

To mend doesn’t mean merely to put together or fix what has been broken, but it also means to perfect, complete, fix, and make whole. John’s mending ministry is very much needed in the church today. All the genuine Christians need mending – they need to be restored, attuned, perfected, and completed, so that they would be framed and built up together into God’s building.

The Lord wants us to open to Him and allow Him to mend us inwardly through the other members of the Body who have already been mended by Him, so that we would be buildable materials for His church, His Body. It is recommended to read the following articles for more on this topic,


What Substitutes Christ in Our Life as Seeking Believers Today?

What Substitutes Christ in Our Life as Seeking Believers Today? [see John 5:39]God’s children have been very much distracted from Christ as the center and the focus of their life. There are many things – even spiritual and scriptural things – that rise up in our being to replace Christ as the Preeminent One. There are so many things and matters that want to rob us from seeing and enjoying Christ. Recently I was impressed with at least four things that can distract us from Christ as the preeminent One.

1. Concepts, Doctrines, and Teachings

Good teachings, excellent doctrines  and sound concepts – no matter how scriptural and spiritual they are, if they are without Christ they become a substitute for Christ. You can teach certain doctrines and yet you may not have a personal relationship with the Person who is the center of these doctrines and the subject of the teachings!

It is so easy to be familiar with the doctrines and teachings, and it is so quick that these can become substitutes for Christ. We don’t need to hate or despise teachings, doctrines, or concepts – we rather need to give Christ the first place, and pay much more attention to Christ than to these things.

2. Different Ways of Practice

There are so many different ways of practicing the Christian life and the church life, and many of them are spiritual and Scriptural. Practices like reading the Bible or prayer, if they are taken as activities, they replace the living Christ in us. We read the Bible because we love the Lord Jesus in our spirit! We pray because Christ is praying in us – we merely join Him in His prayer!

May we not become like those exposed by the Lord in John 5:39, who searched the Scriptures and yet totally missed Christ, who has the eternal life. If we read the Bible without enjoying Christ, we miss the point, we miss the mark, and Christ is substituted “with a good practice”!

3. Various Activities and Movements

Men like movements, and human beings love to be involved in a lot of activities. Even after becoming a Christian, we want to be in a “Christian movement” and do a lot of activities “for the Lord”. But movements are from man, and they come and go. The Lord’s recovery is NOT a movement.

There are a lot of evangelical movements, Pentecostal movements, etc. but the local churches are NOT another kind of movement. We are here in the move of the Triune God Himself, the move of the wonderful One who lives inside of us and becomes one with us day by day!

The local churches are NOT “Watchman Nee and Witness Lee’s movement”. The local churches are in God’s move today, and they are not man’s work or doing. Stay away from movements and activities, and give Christ the preeminence, the first place!

4. Organization can Replace Christ

We don’t hate being organized, and we don’t despise order. But organization is hated by God. The Roman Catholic Church is a big organization, where everything is well arranged and organized, and there are specific layers of leaders appointed by men – whether you’ve been called by God or not, this is secondary.

Our God is a God of order, and we want to have order, but we are absolutely NOT for organization, a human system of organizing things and services in the church. We are not in an organization – we are members of the organism of God, the Body of Christ, something organic, something of the divine life.

Christ Needs to be Preeminent!

We need to see the subtlety of the enemy, who uses many things to take us away from Christ and distract us from taking Christ as our centrality and universality. Christ must fill our personal universe in every detail of our daily life! Is Christ involved in all your services and in all you do for Him? Is Christ your supply, your source, and your goal?

God’s final work today is that Christ’s preeminence would be restored among God’s people so that His corporate dwelling place may be rebuilt among men. He wants to build His church, His house, His temple, where He can dwell. We want that this Christ would fill our heart, our spirit, our daily life, and everything we do! When the day comes that Christ is our all in all, that will be the completion of God’s eternal purpose! God is working towards that purpose today – He desires to make Christ the preeminent One in us, and all in all to us!

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God’s Goal in His Eternal Economy is the Temple of God, His Corporate Building

Seeing the Spiritual Warfare Going On Behind the Outward and Physical Scene

And he said to me, Do not be afraid, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand this matter and to afflict yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me for twenty-one days; but now Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I remained there alone with the kings of Persia. (Dan. 10:12-13)If you read the book of Daniel you will be amazed to see time and time again that there’s a real spiritual struggle, a spiritual warfare, going on behind the scenes.

Especially in Daniel 10 we see that in order for God to deliver the message to Daniel as a response to his honest and persistent prayer, there was a spiritual battle going on. God’s created archangel, Lucifer, rebelled against God and took with him one third of the angels, who followed him in his rebellion.

Now, whenever God wants to do something, whenever man cooperates with God through prayer for God’s will to be released on earth, there is much spiritual warfare.

Behind the physical scene, behind the rise in power and demise of power of people and rulers, there’s a spiritual battle going on, something in the invisible realm. We need to see this. Read more on this topic via,

Behind the Physical Scene there is a Spiritual War, an Invisible Spiritual Struggle

The principle of God’s work is to wait for His people to move. Then He will move. (Watchman Nee, The Glorious Church)

The principle of God’s work is to wait for His people to move. Then He will move. (Watchman Nee, The Glorious Church)

In Revelation 12 we see a great vision regarding what is taking place right now in the entire universe. There is a woman who is about to give birth to a manchild, and the dragon persecutes the woman and wants to eat her man-child baby about to be born.

The church as God’s people today is “God’s woman”, His wife, representing Him on the earth. The woman is the totality of all of God’s people since the fall of man in Genesis 3.

The dragon is God’s enemy, Satan, who in the beginning of the Bible was a little serpent (see Gen. 3) but who throughout the ages has been feeding on man’s flesh (the dust of the ground, see Gen. 3:14-15) and has grown to be a great dragon.

Throughout the centuries there has been a war between the woman (God’s people) and the dragon (Satan, God’s enemy). Read more on this topic via,

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Christ as the Son of Man is Coming to Receive an Eternal Kingdom!

There with the clouds of heaven / One like a Son of Man was coming; / And He came to the Ancient of Days, / And they brought Him near before Him. / And to Him was given dominion, glory, and a kingdom, / That all the peoples, nations, and languages might serve Him. / His dominion is an eternal dominion, which will not pass away; / And His kingdom is one that will not be destroyed. (Dan. 7:13-14)

There with the clouds of heaven / One like a Son of Man was coming; / And He came to the Ancient of Days, / And they brought Him near before Him. / And to Him was given dominion, glory, and a kingdom, / That all the peoples, nations, and languages might serve Him. / His dominion is an eternal dominion, which will not pass away; / And His kingdom is one that will not be destroyed. (Dan. 7:13-14)

This article is a continuation of the sharing on, Seeing a Vision of God and His Universal Dominion: God is on the Throne Today! We need to see that One like the Son of Man is coming (Dan. 7:13-14), and to Him it was given authority, dominion, glory, and a kingdom!

Christ as a Man Receives the Kingdom!

God has given all the power and authority to Jesus Christ as the Son of Man – a Man is now on the throne, and a Man is the Lord of all (John 5:22, 27; Matt. 28:18)! It is not the Son of God, but the Son of Man; the Son of God already has a kingdom, but Christ as the Son of Man is qualified now to receive the kingdom! No man has received God’s kingdom but One – Christ!

In His ascension after His death and resurrection, Christ was brought to the throne of the Father and to Him was given dominion, glory, and a kingdom! Praise the Lord Jesus, the Son of Man! To a Man now belongs God’s dominion and divine glory and His eternal kingdom! We today take the lead to serve Him and sing the new song before the throne. The kingdom of the Lord is an eternal kingdom!

In God’s View there’s No Time Element

In Daniel 7:13-14 we see that right after Christ’s redemption He received the kingdom – with God, there’s no time element! Christ as the Lamb who has just been slain (Rev. 5) immediately ascended to the heavens and sat down, having accomplished redemption! Also, He is standing to take the scroll of God’s economy and open its seals (in God’s economy). Praise the Lamb, He is worthy! With us there’s a very obvious time element, and we are still waiting for the Lord to come in glory with God’s kingdom to bring it to the earth.

We See this in the New Testament Age

Daniel didn’t see the age of the church, the gap, and neither did David, Isaiah, and the other seeking ones / prophets in the Old Testament. But now we see this, in the age of the church. The age of mystery has been hidden in the ages, but it has been revealed to the holy apostles and prophets in spirit. Hallelujah, now we can see that Christ has received the kingdom (in God’s eyes) and He will soon return to bring God’s kingdom to the earth! Come, Lord Jesus!

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Taking Heed to the Prophecies in the Bible, Especially those in Daniel 9!

Every believer is interested in the prophecies about the end of the world, and the entire Bible is packed with 1900 prophecies. Most of the Bible prophecies have been fulfilled already, some are being fulfilled before us today, and others are still to be fulfilled. Especially in the book of Daniel we see a lot of prophecies which include many details concerning the end of this age and the second return of the Lord Jesus!

The coming kingdom age will be an age of divine righteousness and in the new heaven and new earth, there will be eternal righteousness (2 Pet. 3:13).

This week in our morning revival we are getting into more prophecies in the book of Daniel – the vision of the seventy weeks and the age of the mystery.

Daniel prayed desperately to God requesting of Him to recover the Holy Land and send His people back to rebuild the city of Jerusalem, and God answered him by giving him a vision of the seventy weeks (see Dan. 9:2, 15-19, 24).

This vision of the seventy weeks in Dan. 9:24-27 is the most precious portion in the whole book of Daniel, since the seventy weeks properly interpreted are the key to understanding all the prophecies in the Bible.

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Why Prophecies are Important and The Purpose of the Seventy Weeks in Daniel 9

During the church age, the age of mystery, Christ is building up the church to be His bride (Matt. 16:18; Eph. 4:16; Rev. 19:7-9).

The most precious portion in the book of Daniel is in chapter 9:24-27, where we see God’s response to Daniel’s interceding and supplicating for the people of Israel. God revealed to Daniel the entire future history of the people of Israel, all encapsulated in the vision of the seventy weeks.

Throughout history there have been many who interpreted this vision, and the Jews have a certain interpretation, while among the Christians there are other interpretations.

It is good to know the prophecies and to seek to understand them in the light of the entire Bible because – and only if so – the prophecies speak of Christ!

The seventy weeks is actually “the seventy sevens” – the word for weeks is “seven” – and it defines the scope of the prophecy. The end points of the prophecy are the closing of the transgression, the end of sins, the propitiation for iniquity, the bringing in of the righteousness of the ages, the sealing of the vision and the prophet, and the anointing of the Holy of Holies.

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