The Need for the Mending Ministry of John

Paul’s ministry was to complete the word of God (see Col. 1:25), Peter’s ministry was to “catch men alive” (through his gospel preaching), and John’s ministry was to mend the holes in the church. It is impressive to see how John, who was an impetuous young man ready to call fire from heaven over the unbelieving cities, became a person full of life, love, and light.

He went through a long process and at the end of his life, most likely when he was in his 90’s, he wrote his gospel (the gospel of life), his epistles (closing the epistles), and the book of Revelation (as a conclusion and last work of the New Testament and the entire Bible).

Why do we Need the Mending?

To mend doesn’t mean merely to put together or fix what has been broken, but it also means to perfect, complete, fix, and make whole. John’s mending ministry is very much needed in the church today. All the genuine Christians need mending – they need to be restored, attuned, perfected, and completed, so that they would be framed and built up together into God’s building.

The Lord wants us to open to Him and allow Him to mend us inwardly through the other members of the Body who have already been mended by Him, so that we would be buildable materials for His church, His Body. It is recommended to read the following articles for more on this topic,


Our Christian Life is a Life of Grace, so Just Enjoy the Lord!

Our Christian Life is a Life of Grace, so Just Enjoy the Lord!Our Christian life and our Christian living are a of grace and by grace. Grace is simply the Triune God as our enjoyment to be our supply and everything. There are a few verses in the Bible that show us how much grace is to us – from the beginning to the end of our Christian life.

This article is a continuation and a supplement to the article on entitled,

How the Priesthood and the Kingship Fulfill God’s Purpose in Creating Man.

John 1:16 – we receive grace upon grace! For us to reign in life, we need to receive grace upon grace by opening to the Lord. Just tell Him, Lord, I open my entire being to You without reservations. Take away any insulations, any barriers, and any reservations. I want to receive You right now as grace upon grace!

Gal. 6:18 – the grace of our Lord be with your spirit, brothers! Hallelujah, grace is with our spirit! This means grace abides with us in our spirit, and our mingled spirit is a country of grace. Our mind is a terrible place, a country of quarreling and doubting, so we need to turn from our mind to our spirit, where grace is!

Acts 20:32 – the words of His grace. In order for us to receive grace, get grace, and give grace, we need to be in the word of God and in the words of the ministry.

Heb. 10:29 and Zech. 12:10 – the Spirit of grace. The Spirit with our spirit is grace. The way to get more grace is through prayer and supplications. When we have a prayer life before the Lord, we enjoy Him as the Spirit of Grace.

Eph. 6:24 – To be those who enjoy the Lord, we need to love Him. Whenever we say, Lord Jesus, I love You!, you feel a sweet enjoyment of the Lord. We need to love Him in the new creation, in incorruptibility!

Acts 4:33 – great grace was upon them all! Acts 11:23 – Barnabas saw the grace of God among the saints. Wow, the grace of God can be visible in the church life! In our salvation, in our change of life, in our holy living, and in the gifts exercised in the meeting, grace is visible!

1 Cor. 15:10 – I am what I am by the grace of God. Paul was what he was not in or by himself but by the grace of God. By the enjoyment of Christ, Paul labored more abundantly than any other apostles, and yet not him but the grace!

1 Cor. 12:7-19 – “My grace is sufficient for you”. Paul had a thorn in the flesh, but God is not in the “thorn-removing business”; He is in the increasing-the-level-of-grace business. Grace as a river flows and is increased in times of suffering to override the thorns.

Eph. 3:2 speaks of the stewardship of the grace of God. To each one of us God gave a stewardship, a certain measure of enjoyment of God, which is “to me for you”. Our enjoyment of God is not merely for our sake and edifying; it is for all the saints.

Rev. 22:21, the last verse in the Bible, says, “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen.” Our entire Christian life is of and by grace, and grace is with us and will be with us until the consummation of the age, making us God’s house and His city in full, for His corporate expression!

Hallelujah for grace! God Himself wants to be our enjoyment, being with us wherever we are, filling us, overflowing from us, and being increased as the situations become more difficult. God simply gives us grace – grace upon grace!

We need to enjoy God as grace for our growth in life in Christ, and we need to speak with grace to one another for the building up of the Body of Christ. In conclusion, Just Enjoy the Lord – Enjoy Grace!

Note: the above verses are inspired from a recent sharing by a dear brother in the Lord, who encouraged us so much concerning enjoying God as grace in our daily living!

Seeing what the Bible Says it will Happen in the Last Days and Having a Proper Attitude!

But there is a God in the heavens who reveals mysteries, and He has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will happen in the last days. This is your dream, even the visions of your head upon your bed (Daniel 2:28). This week in our morning revival we come to the topic of, The Vision of the Great Image—the Controlling Vision in the Book of Daniel. In the book of Daniel we see many visions, but the governing vision that interprets all the other visions is the vision of the great image in Daniel 2.

This vision is concerning “what will happen in the last days”. We need to see and understand the vision of the great human image and its destiny – it should be a wake-up call for us! Read more via,

The Controlling Vision in Daniel: the Vision of the Great Image in Daniel 2

And as for the rest of the beasts, their dominion was taken away, but an extension of life was given to them for a season and a time (Daniel 7:12).We need to be clear what age we live in today. In the history class as we grew up we might have been taught about many empires and many peoples, but in God’s eyes there are only four empires that represent the entire human government throughout history.

These four empires are the Babylonian empire, the Medo-Persian empire, the Grecian empire, and the Roman empire. Though the first three ended a while ago, they still exist in their essence, culture, and influence (see Dan. 7:12, an extension of life was given to them). Read more via,

Being Clear about the Age We are in Today: Human Government is About to End!

Having the Proper Attitude as we See the Prophecies Being Fulfilled in the Last DaysAll God’s people need to see and be clear of what the Bible says it will happen in the last days. We are living in the last days, at the end of this age, and we need the Lord to enlighten the eyes of our heart and to remove any veils that we may clearly see what will happen and what our attitude should be.

Like our father Abraham, we live in tents – sojourning on the earth for God’s interest – and we build an altar – we put everything on the altar for God’s satisfaction. Our every moment is to live unto the Lord, loving Him, enjoying Him, and hastening His return. Read more via,

 Having the Proper Attitude as we See the Prophecies Being Fulfilled in the Last Days

do we see the Body of Christ? Do we keep all the principles of the Body?

do we see the Body of Christ? Do we keep all the principles of the Body?I have been considering the matter of the Body of Christ this past week. The Bible tells us clearly that everyone who is born of God is part of His family and is a member of the Body of Christ. But the question is, Do We See the Body of Christ? Do we have a vision that affects our daily living, our attitude towards life and everything?

Do we see the Body?

We need the Lord to shine on us and expose us – it is only in the Lord’s light according to His mercy that we can see something of the Body of Christ. The Body is not a concept to be grasped and understood, neither is it a doctrine to be preached and apprehended. The Body of Christ is a spiritual and mystical reality revealed to us by God under the shining of the divine light.

There is something in this universe called, The Body of Christ, the mingling of God with man, the corporate expression of Christ in humanity, the collective living of the many God-men on the earth. Lord, do I see that I am a member of the Body? Do I keep the principles of the Body of Christ? Or do I live my life as if I am an individual Christian, doing my best to apply what the Bible says?

As we grow in life and we have dealings in life, as we deal with our self and our natural man, we will get to see the Body. The vision of the Body will cost us everything – it will cost us our very self. Our self, our individualism, is the greatest hindrance to the Body and the worst enemy of the Body. Lord, do unveil us to see the Body and live in the Body!

Do we keep the principles of the Body?

The first principle of the Body of Christ is ONENESS – the Body is one, and this oneness is the enlarged oneness of the Triune God. We have this oneness – we just need to keep it (Eph. 4:3). The primary virtue of our Christian walk is keeping the oneness of the Spirit. Also, the function of the Body is to express Christ – we do not express ourselves, but we are being saturated and permeated with Christ to express Him!

Our individual and personal experiences of Christ are for the Body, and the operation of the cross leads us to the Body and works in the sphere of the Body. Here, in the Body, Christ is the Head – no man is the head, only Christ has the position of authority. What we do is we have fellowship with the Head and with the other members, being in the life flow of the Body.

How much we need to see the Body and keep every principle of the Body! If we really see the Body, everything we do will be FOR the Body and IN the Body, out of our consideration and care for the Body, and it will be for the best of the Body. If we see that we are members one of another, we will stop and fellowship, considering what’s best for the Body. Lord, grant us to SEE the Body and keep every principle of the Body!

what is the oneness of the Body of Christ and how can we obtain it and keep it?

the application of the heavenly "paint" brings us into the genuine oneness

People today desire to be one, so they seek all kinds of activities, things, or hobbies in which they can be one with others of the same taste. In the Body of Christ also it seems that people are more eager to “gather with those of the same taste”, and so we have a wide range of churches to suit everyone’s preference. But the question that arises is, What is the oneness of the Body of Christ? How can we as believers in Christ be ONE?

First of all we need to see that the oneness of the Body of Christ is not something manufactured or brought about by the efforts of the believers in Christ. No, oneness is and should be something organic, something in life, something sweet and real. According to Eph. 4:4-6 we see that the primary characteristic of God and of the Body of Christ is ONEness. One God, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, etc. God is ONE, and the Body of Christ is also ONE!

How can we obtain the oneness? Simply put, we obtain the oneness of the Body of Christ when we are born again – oneness is in the divine life! How can we keep the oneness? To answer that question, we would recommend two recent articles that speak extensively on this: