Morning Revival

A good spiritual principle we all need to learn is that we need to be revived every morning. The first thing in the morning, if possible, needs to be our time with the Lord. King David was anticipating the dawn so that he would muse on God’s Word; the Lord Jesus woke up early in the morning, even while it was still dark, and spent time with the Father, and many other spiritual men and women loved the Lord more than they loved their own bed – and they woke up a little earlier than usual to spend time with the Lord. Some very useful practices in the morning are to pray and open to the Lord, pray over the Word, read the Word of God, read some spiritual nourishment, etc. We have discovered that it is very useful and encouraging to go through the Holy Word for the Morning Revival – both as individuals and as churches – and then on the Lord’s Day we can all speak the same thing, since we’re in the same thing during the week! Below are some of the portions of enjoyment from the Morning Revival, as shared here on the blog. Did you enjoy something from the Morning Revival book today? Send us an email at

Sharing from the Holy Word for Morning Revival on
the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2)


6 thoughts on “Morning Revival

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  3. As a man I need to be a regenerated believer in Christ. As a believer I need to be built up as the church in my locality and in the universal church, His Body. As a member of His body I need to eat and drink of Him in His Word. The Holy Word for Morning Revival has helped me to live such a reality. It has helped me to be one with all the saints around the world, as we are all enjoying the same truth at almost the same time. I can fellowship with any saint in anywhere and share in mutuality the riches our Lord has given His church at this time. This is a great enjoyment as well as a good tool to be built up with all the saints. The oneness is felt in our spirit. Then we all can say Amen, Lord Jesus, come soon.

  4. hallelujah !!! ” PROPHECY is for a sign to those who BELIEVE, to BUILDING UP of his CHURCH the( BODY OF CHRIST ) – 1cor.14:22, 1cor. 14:4, eph. 5:23

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