Our Christian Life is a Life of Grace, so Just Enjoy the Lord!

Our Christian Life is a Life of Grace, so Just Enjoy the Lord!Our Christian life and our Christian living are a of grace and by grace. Grace is simply the Triune God as our enjoyment to be our supply and everything. There are a few verses in the Bible that show us how much grace is to us – from the beginning to the end of our Christian life.

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How the Priesthood and the Kingship Fulfill God’s Purpose in Creating Man.

John 1:16 – we receive grace upon grace! For us to reign in life, we need to receive grace upon grace by opening to the Lord. Just tell Him, Lord, I open my entire being to You without reservations. Take away any insulations, any barriers, and any reservations. I want to receive You right now as grace upon grace!

Gal. 6:18 – the grace of our Lord be with your spirit, brothers! Hallelujah, grace is with our spirit! This means grace abides with us in our spirit, and our mingled spirit is a country of grace. Our mind is a terrible place, a country of quarreling and doubting, so we need to turn from our mind to our spirit, where grace is!

Acts 20:32 – the words of His grace. In order for us to receive grace, get grace, and give grace, we need to be in the word of God and in the words of the ministry.

Heb. 10:29 and Zech. 12:10 – the Spirit of grace. The Spirit with our spirit is grace. The way to get more grace is through prayer and supplications. When we have a prayer life before the Lord, we enjoy Him as the Spirit of Grace.

Eph. 6:24 – To be those who enjoy the Lord, we need to love Him. Whenever we say, Lord Jesus, I love You!, you feel a sweet enjoyment of the Lord. We need to love Him in the new creation, in incorruptibility!

Acts 4:33 – great grace was upon them all! Acts 11:23 – Barnabas saw the grace of God among the saints. Wow, the grace of God can be visible in the church life! In our salvation, in our change of life, in our holy living, and in the gifts exercised in the meeting, grace is visible!

1 Cor. 15:10 – I am what I am by the grace of God. Paul was what he was not in or by himself but by the grace of God. By the enjoyment of Christ, Paul labored more abundantly than any other apostles, and yet not him but the grace!

1 Cor. 12:7-19 – “My grace is sufficient for you”. Paul had a thorn in the flesh, but God is not in the “thorn-removing business”; He is in the increasing-the-level-of-grace business. Grace as a river flows and is increased in times of suffering to override the thorns.

Eph. 3:2 speaks of the stewardship of the grace of God. To each one of us God gave a stewardship, a certain measure of enjoyment of God, which is “to me for you”. Our enjoyment of God is not merely for our sake and edifying; it is for all the saints.

Rev. 22:21, the last verse in the Bible, says, “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen.” Our entire Christian life is of and by grace, and grace is with us and will be with us until the consummation of the age, making us God’s house and His city in full, for His corporate expression!

Hallelujah for grace! God Himself wants to be our enjoyment, being with us wherever we are, filling us, overflowing from us, and being increased as the situations become more difficult. God simply gives us grace – grace upon grace!

We need to enjoy God as grace for our growth in life in Christ, and we need to speak with grace to one another for the building up of the Body of Christ. In conclusion, Just Enjoy the Lord – Enjoy Grace!

Note: the above verses are inspired from a recent sharing by a dear brother in the Lord, who encouraged us so much concerning enjoying God as grace in our daily living!


we are human beings are nothing and vanity without the Lord! But Christ comes in to replace us!

to believe in the Lord is to receive Him; to love the Lord is to enjoy Him - we are nothing without Him!This morning I was impressed with how short, how vain, and how passing man’s life is. David prayed to the Lord in Psa. 39:4-5,

O Jehovah, cause me to know my end, and the measure of my days, what it is. May I know how transient I am. Behold, You have made my days as mere handbreadths, and my lifetime is as nothing before You; surely every man at his best is altogether vanity. Selah

The Lord wants us to realize that we as human being are nothing and vanity – today we are here and we think we can do great things, but tomorrow we’re passing away. Even more, our condition is sinful, and our situation is one of vanity. This is why the Lord Jesus came as light and life to us – He came to shine on us and show us our real condition, and then to fill us with His life! God wants us to be replaced with Christ – the way to be saved from a vain life and a sinful condition is to be replaced by Christ in our organic union with Him! Continue reading this portion via,

to believe in the Lord is to receive Him; to love the Lord is to enjoy Him – we are nothing without Him!

when we enjoy Christ we love the church life and we are Body-conscious!

the more we enjoy Christ, the more we become Body-conscious and the more we love the church life! (In the picture: Cordillera mountains - Sagada to Baguio)The more we enjoy Christ, the more we become Body-conscious. In the Body of Christ, Christ is the Head and we are the Body – and Christ is both the Head and the Body, since the Body is of Christ. When we enjoy Christ, when we touch Him in the morning, we actually enjoy Christ as the Head – and He gives us a feeling and a consciousness of the Body. We enjoy the Lord in the morning in our morning revival time with Him, and in the evening we meet with the saints to enjoy Him corporately in the church meetings. This is normal – enjoying the Lord all day long! Continue reading this portion unveiling a simple key to being Body-conscious via,

the more we enjoy Christ, the more we become Body-conscious and the more we love the church life!

Why are some Christians joyless or unhappy – when Christ is indeed everything to them?

This is a very good question. As believers in Christ, we know from the Bible that when we repented and believed in the Lord, Christ became our allotted portion with the saints in the light(Col. 1:12), and God gave Christ to us as the fattened calf(Luke 15) for us to enjoy. We were redeemed, we were returned to our rightful possession – God is our inheritance – and we returned to God as our everything. God is our inheritance, and after we were saved, the Spirit of God is in us as the pledge, the guarantee, the proof, and the security of our inheritance(Eph. 1:13-14). The Holy Spirit is today in us, the believers in Christ, as a foretaste, a sample – guaranteeing us the full taste of our enjoyment in God in the future! We are saved – we have God – we have everything we need – God is our inheritance! Still, there is this question which both unbelievers and Christians ask alike,

If God in Christ is everything to us, why some Christians are still unhappy or joyless?

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the intrinsic meaning of the Sabbath is to be fired and replaced by Christ by drinking Him!

What is the Sabbath and what is the real significance, the intrinsic meaning, of the Sabbath? In the Old Testament, God commanded His people to “take one day off”, the Sabbath day, when they would just worship God and spend time with God to “do His business”. But what about us, in the New Testament? What is the principle of the Sabbath? The real meaning of keeping the Sabbath is that we cease from our doing, stop our work, get ourselves FIRED and we enjoy what the Lord has done for us by drinking of Him – the consummated Spirit – as the waters! In the entire Bible we see that God wants to come into us, fill us, replace us, and live in us! As believers in Christ, we need to take Christ as our replacement every day. I particularly enjoyed three illustrations given in the Bible regarding us being replaced by Christ:

  1. Christ is the Universal Replacement – in Mark 9:7-8, on the mount of transfiguration, where the disciples saw Jesus being in glory with Moses and Elijah, and Peter said, Lord – let’s build three tents, one for each one of you… – God acknowledged from the heavens, This is My Son, the Beloved – Hear HIM! God wants only Christ and He wants His Beloved to replace everything and everyone else! We don’t want to hear anyone or anything else – we want to hear Him! After the voice from heaven spoke, the disciples didn’t see anyone else there but Jesus Only! This is what the Lord desires to recover today – Jesus Only as our all-inclusive universal replacement! Christ replaces Moses, Elijah, the prophets, the law, our soul, our mind, everything and everyone – and in the whole universe there will be Jesus Only to the praise of God! Lord, we want to give You all the ground in our living and our being!
  2. The principle of grafting, seen in Rom. 11:17, 24 – we were branches of the uncultivated olive tree, the wild olive tree, but on the cross we were cut off from this wild olive tree(we were cut off from Adam), and we were grafted into Christ – the cultivated rich olive tree! Now we are living in Him and He is living in us! We live in Him, by Him, with Him, and because of Him, and He lives in us, by us, and through us! We have one life and one living with this wonderful Person! We are still a branch – we are not “exchanged to a better branch” – no, we are grafted in Christ and His life sap, His life juice, is swallowing up all the shortages in our being! In this way, we’re being transformed with the very element of Christ being imparted and dispensed into us! Christ is now living in us, by us, through us, and even as us!
  3. The principle of the petrified wood – as seen in nature, in the old times when there were great volcanic eruptions, the trees were swept down the hills, stripped of their leaves/branches/bark, etc – and were buried under the volcanic ash, in the volcanic mud. This is just like in the church life today – here we’re stripped of our “bark, leaves, and branches”, and we’re “buried under the volcanic ash”. As the tree trunks were there under the volcanic ash, water somehow managed to seep in through the ash and bring in the minerals – as time went by, the wooden element was being replaced with the new minerals brought in by water. The result was something that looked exactly like the wood, but was STONE – the tree trunks were ston-ified, petrified! The water slowly permeated the wood spaces until the tree was slowly replaced by the minerals! It looks very much like the wood, but it is completely replaced by stone! This is called “the petrification of the wood” and it is a good example of our being “Christified“! As we stay in the church life, the divine Spirit is “seeping in” through our exercise of our spirit – and we’re being slowly replaced by Christ as the living water with the rich divine “minerals”…

This principle of being replaced we can also see with the apostle Paul – in Gal. 2:20 he says,

I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

So on the one hand, Paul was crucified – and he didn’t live anymore; but on the other hand he still lived – not an “exchanged life”, but a life in which he was replaced with the Christ who lives in him! We have Christ now, living in us – He’s our Person, He’s our life, and He’s our living! The old “I” was crucified with Christ and has no divinity in it; the new “I” which now lives is the I with Christ as its life and person! The old “I” was crucified and resurrected, and God was added to it; now we’re “the new I”, a man + God, a God-man! Amen, on the one hand we’re terminated, and on the other the regenerated one still lives! It is Christ who lives, but He lives in us! This is the real Sabbath – no longer I but Christ living in me! We just need to cease from our doing, deny ourselves – we need to exercise our spirit to deny ourselves and live by Christ as our life! This is to be replaced by Christ! The most simple and practical way to deny ourselves simply to PRAY! When we pray, we are realising that we are nothing and we can do nothing! This means that we deny ourselves, we live by Christ as our life so that we may be replaced by Christ as our life! And the most simple way to pray is to call on the name of the LordO Lord Jesus! Whenever we call on the name of the Lord, we pray and we deny ourselves – we are being replaced with Christ! This is the real rest, the real satisfaction, and the real meaning of Sabbath today! [enjyoment from message 9 of the Crystallization-study of Isaiah(2)]

Lord, replace us today! Keep us calling on Your name, Lord, until we arrive into the kingdom! Keep us calling until we become the manifestation of Your kingdom! Lord, thank You for the Sabbath in its intrinsic significance! Thank You for this grafted life and this organic union! O Lord, without You we can do and we are nothing! May it be No Longer I But Christ today! Live in us, Lord, as we deny ourselves to take You as our life!