How Spending Time with the Lord in the Morning Refreshes Him and Supplies Us

In Psalm 110 there’s a marvelous record of the drinking Christ, the fighting Christ, the Victorious Christ, and the Christ who is both the High Priest (according to the order of Melchizedek) and the King (the scepter is between His legs).

What is more striking in this chapter is that there’s a call for being those who refresh Christ by being the morning dew to Him. We need to be the young men who are willingly offering ourselves to Him for His purpose – specifically, those who are “in the womb of the dawn” to be refreshing to Him.

If we do not rise up early in the morning, we will miss the opportunity to enter into the womb of the morning to be made dew for Christ’s watering. Instead of being watered, He will be dry and we also will be dry. I hope that we all, especially the young people, will see that here Christ likens Himself to a plant that needs the mild, soft, gentle dew. May we respond to Him by saying, “Lord Jesus, I want to be the dew conceived and produced by the womb of the morning for You to be watered.” (Witness Lee, Life-study of the Psalms, msg. 38).

In the Bible and in our Christian experience there’s the principle of waking up a bit earlier in the morning so that we may spend time with the Lord. Many Christians love the Lord, and they pay the price to “overcome the love for their bed” by waking up earlier to spend time with the Lord they love.

But have you ever thought that our spending time with the Lord in the morning is not merely for our nourishment, supply, and satisfaction, but it is also for Him to be refreshed, supplied, and watered?

As we touch the Lord and fellowship with Him, as we open our whole being to Him in our time with Him, we drink from Him as the fountain of living waters and our thirst is quenched, our inner man is nourished, and our mind is reconstituted with His living words. At the same time, Christ drinks from us and He is refreshed and watered.

Our time with the Lord early in the morning, our spiritual morning watch, can be something that both supplies us and waters Him! As He is fighting the spiritual warfare to defeat God’s enemies and bring in the kingdom of God, Christ needs us to spend time with Him: He needs us to “enter into the womb of the dawn” and be produced as the dew that is so gentle, fresh, and watering to Him. How wonderful!

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God gave Christ to us as the sure mercies shown to David and as a covenant!

In His economy, God desires to be the fountain of living waters for His people to drink and be filled with! He is the source, the fountain, of the water of life – and He calls us all to come and drink! So wonderful! As the living waters, Christ is also the sure mercies shown to David! Right after Isa. 55:1-2 where God issues a call for everyone to come and drink, He says in verses 3-4,

Incline your ear and come to Me; Hear, so that your soul may live; And I will make an eternal covenant with you, Even the sure mercies shown to David. Indeed, I have given Him as a Witness to the peoples, A Leader and a Commander to the peoples.

Christ was given to us as the sure mercies shown to David – He is the center of the divine provisions to Israel, and also to all God’s people! Why do we need these mercies? Isn’t it enough for us to come and drink of God? … continue reading the answer to this question and the rest of the article via,

Christ is the sure mercies shown to David and also the covenant; He is the covenanted mercies!

God is the living waters for us to enjoy – drink God and flow out God!

God’s desire is this – that we may come to Him and drink of Him as the fountain of living waters! Even at the end of a long feast, when supposedly the people who were feasting would be full and satisfied, Christ stood out and cried in John 7:37-38,

Now on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, If anyone athirsts, let him bcome to Me and drink.
He who believes into Me, as the Scripture said, out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.

Nothing else satisfies – only God as the living water satisfies us and fills us! His desire is to come to Him and drink of Him, and our need is also to come to God and drink of Him as the living waters! When we drink of Him, there’s something going on in our being – there are rivers of water flowing in us! Whoever believes into the Lord – out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water! Not just one river, but many rivers – the many flows of the different aspects of life, of the unique “river of water of life”. Continue reading this portion via,

we need to enjoy our God as living water, even as the waters – come to Him to drink and flow!

if you are thirsty, come to God as the fountain of living waters and take a drink!

This morning I was impressed with the fact that the Triune God went through the process of incarnation, human living, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, to become the living water for us to drink! Now He has become our practical salvation to be drunk and enjoyed by us! What shall I give unto the Lord for all He has done for me? I will raise the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord(Psa. 116:12-13)! All we can do is just come to Him and take a drink! Whoever is thirsty – whether you are an unbeliever or a believer – come to Him and drink! The qualification for someone to drink is just to be thirsty! Indeed God’s ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts – we think that we have to DO something for Him, but God thinks and desires that He would come into us as the living waters to fill our being and overflow from us! There is a CALL that God sounds throughout the Bible and throughout the centuries – He is calling the thirsty ones to come to Him and drink! As long as you are somebody – as long as you are part of “everyone”, you are qualified to come and drink! … continue reading this portion of enjoyment via:

Whoever is thirsty, let him come and drink the water of life! Are you thirsty? Come to Christ and drink!

God intends to dispense Himself into us as living water to make us His increase and expression

This is what God desires – this is His good pleasure, the desire of His heart – to be the fountain of living waters that man may drink Him, enjoy Him, be filled with Him, and become His enlargement, His increase, His expression. In His economy, God intends to be the fountain, the source, of living waters to satisfy His chosen people for their enjoyment. The goal of this enjoyment is to produce the church as God’s increase, God’s enlargement, to be God’s fullness for His expression! We see this as a seed in Jeremiah 2:13 where it says,

For My people have committed two evils: they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, to hew out for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, which hold no water.

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God’s pleasure is to be the fountain of living waters to dispense Himself into us and make us His increase