What is the real growth in the divine life?

The increase of the element of God means that more of God Himself has been mingled with us and received by us to become our element. Therefore, the real growth of life is the increase of God’s life within us.

The increase of the element of God means that more of God Himself has been mingled with us and received by us to become our element. Therefore, the real growth of life is the increase of God’s life within us. Life is God Himself. When life grows in us, God is increased in us. Life grows and increases to an extent that we may be filled unto all the fullness of God. This is the final word of Ephesians 3:19….

Colossians 3:4 says that Christ is our life. Thus, growth of life is the increase of Christ within us. The more we love Christ and pursue Christ, the more the measure of the stature of Christ will increase within us. This is the real growth of life. (Witness Lee, Further Talks on the Knowledge of Life, pp. 180-181).

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an inoculator is a laboring farmer and an unashamed workman for God

being a laboring farmer and an unashamed workman cutting straight the word of truthIn 2 Timothy 2 Paul describes what an inoculator is – he is a teacher, a soldier, a contender / an athlete, a farmer / husbandman, and a workman cutting straight the word of truth. A teacher entrusts the healthy teaching to faithful men by cherishing them in the humanity of Jesus and nourishing them with the divine life. A soldier fights the good fight as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. An athlete runs with endurance according to the rules to obtain the crown! Today we are enjoying the last two qualifications – the inoculator is a farmer and a workman.

being a farmer in the church as God’s farm

The church is God’s farm, God’s cultivated land, and we all the believers are God’s fellow workers (see 1 Cor. 3:6, 9). As God’s fellow workers and as farmers in God’s farm, we need to labor with endurance to sow the seed of the Word of God and to water the saints that Christ may grow in them. Continue reading at,

being a laboring farmer and an unashamed workman cutting straight the word of truth

holding to truth in love we may grow up into Him in all things – unto the building up of the Body!

the Body of Christ builds itself up through all the members growing and functioning in their measure[picture source: Wikipedia, Tall trees and blue sky]Many Christians wondered and studied this very important question, How can we build up the Body of Christ? Yes, the Lord Jesus said in Matt. 16:18 that He will build up His church, but how can we as members of the Body contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ? Yes, there are some gifted members of the Body, like the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers – but they all are not for directly building up the Body, but they are for the perfecting of the saints. When the saints get perfected by the gifted members, they do the work of the ministry unto the building up of the Body of Christ. This means that we all the saints are those who build up the Body of Christ by being perfected by the gifted members to do what they do: we are perfected to go and preach the gospel, teach others, shepherd the saints, speak the Word of God, prophesy in the meeting, etc(Eph. 4:11-12). Continue reading this portion via,

the Body of Christ builds itself up through all the members growing and functioning in their measure

We abide in Christ as the vine, we are rooted in Him as the soil, and we take Christ as the Head!

The Word of God is so rich, so full of illustrations and examples of our organic union with the Lord, and also it is so encouraging! This morning I especially enjoyed these three aspects concerning our relationship with the Lord:

  1. In John 15 we see that we are branches in Christ the vine – we abide in Him and we absorb all the rich sap coming from Him. The life-juice in Christ the vine is the all-inclusive supply for our Christian life and for bearing fruit! By absorbing all the rich nutrients and the sap in the vine, we grow, bear fruit, and fulfill God’s purpose!
  2. In Colossians 2 we see that Christ is the rich soil and we are rooted in Him – as plants rooted in Christ, we need to send down deep roots to absorb all the rich nutrients in the soil, so that we may grow! When we absorb all that this all-inclusive and extensive Christ has to offer, we grow in life and we also become the building of God.
  3. In Colossians 2 at the end we see that we are holding the Head, Christ, out from whom all the Body gets its growth – we grow with the growth of God by holding Christ as our Head. As we hold Christ as the Head, there’s an element – the element of God – that is being dispensed into our whole being, and this element causes the growth in us!

The principle in all these three illustrations is the same – we need to absorb Christ’s riches into us. As branches, we absorb the life joice from the vine; as plants, we absorb the riches from the soil, and as members of the Body of CHrist, we absorb the nourishing element from the Head. When we absorb this rich Christ, the riches coming from the soil, and the element from the Head, we grow as the Body – with the growth of God(Col. 2:19)! How does God give us the growth? He gives the growth by giving us more of Himself, by dispensing more of His element into us as we spend time with Him to absorb Him! The secret / the key that makes this all happen is our willingness to set aside adequate time every day to absorb God. Just like we set aside regular time to eat and drink, so we need to set aside some time to enjoy the Lord and to absorb Him. Don’t rush your time with the Lord – take time to absorb Him, enjoy Him, and dig into His Word. Just like with eating physical food, if we’re in a rush, there may be “indigestion” or complications – the food is not so tasty or nourishing. But if we spend adequate time to pray over the Word, to muse over God’s speaking, and to pray it back to God, we will absorb more of the riches of our God!

We need to see that we have been already rooted into Christ as the rich soil. This is so encouraging and so comforting – we are rooted in Christ, and now all we need to do is spend time every day to absorb Him… Start in the morning – not just 10 minutes, but even 30 minutes, enjoy the Lord at the start of the day! If you have a “solid spiritual breakfast” of Christ every morning, you will not be bothered by anything negative during the day. Learn to turn away from your thoughts, your emotions, your intentions, and any other things, and just open to the Lord by exercising your spirit in prayer to Him… You may even say something like,

O Lord Jesus, I love You, I worship You, and I adore You. Lord, I give myself to You – I give You my heart and everything concerning this day!

If you open in such a way, the Lord will be so rich to you. If you don’t hurry when you spend time to absorb the Lord, His riches will be dispensed and constituted into you again and again… This supply of life coming into you from God will constitute you and make you a person that is for the fufillment of God’s purpose. You will not have to struggle and strive, but rather it is spontaneous to enjoy the Lord and express Him! [enjoyment from Col. 2, John 15, and the Life-study of Colossians]

Lord, make us such enjoyers of You! We want to spend time to absorb You! Save us from rushing our time with You! We don’t want to have a “fast-food Jesus” – no, we want to take time to absorb Your riches every day! Save our mornings, Lord, and save our days again and again! Keep us absorbing You, abiding in You, and holding You as the Head!

holding the Head and growing up into Him in all things by giving Him more ground in our being

This week we’re enjoying a simple yet profound topic in the Holy Word for Morning RevivalHolding The Head. Christ is the Head of the Body, and we are the many members of the Body of Christ. As members of the Body, we need to hold Christ as our Head. Here’s what Colossians 2:19 says,

… holding the Head, out from whom all the Body, being richly supplied and knit together by means of the joints and sinews, grows with the growth of God.

What does it mean to hold the Head? One good definition of holding Christ as the Head is to have a direct communication between us and Him, not having anything that would separate us. There’s no separation between the Head and all the members – all the members listen directly to the Head! The result of us being intimately and directly related to Christ as the Head is that we grow into Him. By our holding Christ as the Head, there is an inward growth in life – the real growth in life comes by us holding the Head! In this close communication and sweet fellowship between us as the members and Christ as the Head, all Christ’s riches are being dispensed and ministered into the members, and all the negative things are swallowed up by the supply of life from the Head. Remember: the growth in the divine life is not related mainly to how much you know and you study the Bible(though this helps a lot) or you understand / study the main doctrines of the Christian faith(though this also helps). Rather, the growth in life is related to us holding Christ as the Head, keeping ourselves intimately connected to Him – in this organic union His life supply and His riches are being dispensed and ministered into us and become our growth in life!

There’s another verse that speaks about growing up into Christ in all things – Ephesians 4:15-16, which says,

15. But holding to truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, who is the Head, Christ,
16. Out from whom all the Body, being joined together and being knit together through every joint of the rich supply and through the operation in the measure of each one part, causes the growth of the Body unto the building up of itself in love.

On the one hand, we hold the Head, Christ, and on the other hand, we grow up into Him in all things. When we do this, out of Christ comes the life supply to the Body – as we Hold Him as the Head and grow up into Him, the riches of the Head will flow in us and through us. What does it practically mean that we grow up into Him? Simply put, it is to give Him more ground in our being. As we go on with the Lord in our Christian life we realize more and more that in one thing after another, we are not in Christ & we don’t allow Him to live in us in certain situations / details. As the Lord exposes us and we see this, we can pray, Lord, take over – in this matter I want to give You the ground! This is a practical way to grow – in the matters in which Christ is not yet having the preeminence, we give Him the ground in us. Though we belong to Christ, in so many things He has no ground in us. In our way of talking to the others, in our way of dressing, combing our hair, doing the things that we need to do daily – in many things, we need to ask the Lord to take over. If we ask the Lord to take over in a certain area / thing by giving Him more ground in us, we shall grow in life in regards to that particular matter.

This is the problem many times – though we love the Lord, He may not have much ground in us because we’re not holding Christ as the Head. Do we hold Christ as the Head in the way we dress? Do we give Him the ground in the things we eat and drink? How about the way we speak? Does He have the control in the way we take care of our finances? What about our attitude towards others, especially towards our spouse or our family members? When we learn that in all these things of our daily life we would give the Lord the ground, we will grow in life. To grow in life is actually to let the Lord take over in every practical matter of our life. In this way, He expands from our spirit into every part of our heart, making His home in all the parts of our being, and He gradually fills and possesses our whole being. As He grows in us / as we grow in life, our function will emerge, and the Body of Christ is being built up. In this way we cooperate with the Lord’s heavenly ministry of interceding for us – a deeper and finer correspondece to the Lord’s heavenly ministry.[enjoyment from the Heavenly Ministry of Christ, as quoted in the morning revival]

Lord, we want to hold You as the Head today! Grow in us and expand in us! May we give You more ground in us in all the little things and matters! Continue to shine on us and remind us to cooperate with You in everything… Have more ground in us, Lord! Take over in more things in us, in more areas of our heart… we want to grow into the Head in ALL THINGS!