How Spending Time with the Lord in the Morning Refreshes Him and Supplies Us

In Psalm 110 there’s a marvelous record of the drinking Christ, the fighting Christ, the Victorious Christ, and the Christ who is both the High Priest (according to the order of Melchizedek) and the King (the scepter is between His legs).

What is more striking in this chapter is that there’s a call for being those who refresh Christ by being the morning dew to Him. We need to be the young men who are willingly offering ourselves to Him for His purpose – specifically, those who are “in the womb of the dawn” to be refreshing to Him.

If we do not rise up early in the morning, we will miss the opportunity to enter into the womb of the morning to be made dew for Christ’s watering. Instead of being watered, He will be dry and we also will be dry. I hope that we all, especially the young people, will see that here Christ likens Himself to a plant that needs the mild, soft, gentle dew. May we respond to Him by saying, “Lord Jesus, I want to be the dew conceived and produced by the womb of the morning for You to be watered.” (Witness Lee, Life-study of the Psalms, msg. 38).

In the Bible and in our Christian experience there’s the principle of waking up a bit earlier in the morning so that we may spend time with the Lord. Many Christians love the Lord, and they pay the price to “overcome the love for their bed” by waking up earlier to spend time with the Lord they love.

But have you ever thought that our spending time with the Lord in the morning is not merely for our nourishment, supply, and satisfaction, but it is also for Him to be refreshed, supplied, and watered?

As we touch the Lord and fellowship with Him, as we open our whole being to Him in our time with Him, we drink from Him as the fountain of living waters and our thirst is quenched, our inner man is nourished, and our mind is reconstituted with His living words. At the same time, Christ drinks from us and He is refreshed and watered.

Our time with the Lord early in the morning, our spiritual morning watch, can be something that both supplies us and waters Him! As He is fighting the spiritual warfare to defeat God’s enemies and bring in the kingdom of God, Christ needs us to spend time with Him: He needs us to “enter into the womb of the dawn” and be produced as the dew that is so gentle, fresh, and watering to Him. How wonderful!

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spending much time with the Lord – only He understands us thoroughly!

Christ was like a lone sparrow on a housetop, spending much time with the Father

This morning I was very impressed with the exmaple of the Lord Jesus. He was God who became a man, lived a perfect human life, and fully expressed the Father. He tried so many times to open His heart to His disciples, His mother, and the people around Him – yet no one understood Him. The zeal of God’s house consumed Him, but the only One that understood and supplied Christ was God the Father!

All throughout His life the Lord Jesus spent nights in prayer with the Father. He left us a pattern to follow – we need to see that no one in our environment, in our family, at work, at school, or even among our closest friends can fully understand us. Even when we see something in God’s Word concerning His heart’s desire, we need to come to Him and spend time with Him – only God understands us, and He wants us to spend much time with Him! Continue reading on this subject via,

Christ was like a lone sparrow on a housetop, spending much time with the Father

Come to Me, all you who toil and are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest! Take My yoke upon you!

The Lord Jesus sounds out the call to all those who toil and are heavy burdened – Come To Me(Matt. 11:28)! Have you ever felt like you’re toiling and you are burdened? We need to personally come to Him every day – and He will give us rest! He even encourages us, Take My Yoke Upon You… – if you take this verse to the Lord in prayer, tell Him, Lord, I want to take Your yoke upon me – give me rest! I want to learn from You(Matt. 11:29)! What is the Lord’s yoke? As the Lord reveals it here, His yoke is the Father’s will, and His burden is His actions to accomplish the Father’s will. We may think that the Father’s will is a great thing, it is so much to be done, and to accomplish the Father’s will is so difficult and hard; but the Lord Jesus says that it is easy and it is light! What kind of yoke do YOU have on you? We definitely have the wrong yoke – if we’re not joined to the Lord to do the Father’s will, our yoke is heavy and burdensome! This causes us to toil and be heavy burdened… Our burden is so heavy because we don’t come to the Lord first to enjoy Him first! … continue reading this portion of enjoyment via,

Come to Me, all you who toil and are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest! Take My yoke upon you!

by the blood of Christ we are redeemed, forgiven, and we enjoy God in the Holy of Holies!

Hallelujah for the precious blood of the Lamb! This morning I was filled with appreciation for the blood of Jesus Christan eternal blood(since He offered Himself to God through the eternal Spirit), an efficacious blood, a prevailing blood, and a speaking blood! His blood speaks more than the blood of Abel(which spoke revenge from the ground) – His blood speaks “forgiveness” and “cleansing”! When the Lord Jesus died on the cross, He fulfilled the types of all the offerings – He offered Himself to God as an all-inclusive sacrifice on the cross to take deal with all the negative things in the world! On the cross He shed His blood – which is for our redemption, for our forgiveness, and so much more! Here are some aspects I enjoyed regarding the blood the Lord Jesus shed for us on the cross:

  • The Blood of Christ is the blood for our redemption – We were lost and sold ourselves under the usurpation of Satan and even under the law, but through His death on the cross and based on His blood, Christ redeemed us back to God! For the redemption to be proper, Christ had to be the perfect sacrifice – through His life and death on earth He fulfilled all the righteous, holy, and glorious requirements of God, and He then paid the ransom for us. He who had no sin nor ever tasted sin was made sin for us – to redeem us out of the curse of the law and out of the usurpation of Satan! Through His blood we have been redeemed!
  • Christ’s blood is for our forgiveness – As the Lamb of God, Christ died for us and shed His blood. With the shedding of blood, now there is forgiveness of sins! Someone died on our behalf and shed His blood so that we may be forgiven! This is the perfect blood of the perfect God-man, washing away all our sins and tresspasses! We have the blood of Christ applied to us not only initially when we receive the Lord – but even daily whenever we come to the Lord and He shines on us, we cooperate with Him and confess our sins – the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ washes away any sin and cleanses us from sins(1 John 1:9)!
  • The blood of Christ is the blood of the covenant – even the blood that enacted the new covenant! A covenant is an agreement between two parties, and to enact this covenant there is the need for the shedding of blood. God enacted the old covenant and blessed the people of Israel for keeping it – because of the blood that was shed by their sacrifices on the altar. In the New Testament, God wants to give us a new covenant – He wants to Give Himself to us(all He is, all He has accomplished, all He has obtained and attained – everything) as a covenant! He wants to give us a new heart and a new Spirit to seek Him and to love Him! When the Lord Jesus died on the cross, His blood enacted the new covenant – now we can enjoy God as our portion and as our everything! Through the blood of the covenant, we are now entitled to come to Christ, our portion, and claim Him as our life, our supply, our everything! The blood of the covenant brings us into all the divine blessings!
  • The blood of Jesus Christ brings us into the Holy of Holies – it brings us into God! In Heb. 10:19 it says, Having therefore, brothers, boldness for entering the Holy of Holies in the blood of Jesus. The Holy of Holies is the place where only the High Priest could enter in the Old Testament, and he went in there not to “do something” for God, but just to be with God and be infused with God. Today God wants us to come all the way into the Holy of Holies based on the blood of Jesus Christ – to spend time with Him in our mingled spirit and be infused with God! The blood of Jesus Christ made all this possible – we can now enjoy God, we can behold His beauty, and we can receive His infusion! Here in the Holy of Holies the blood is sprinkled – God looks at the blood and He is satisfied, and He can be with us and He can infuse us! Enjoying God in this way produces us as God-men, men of God, men with the divine life and nature fully expressing God and shining Him out!

Daily we can turn to the Lord and have fellowship with Him – and as we come into the light, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from every sin! Even more, we can “wash our robes and come to eat of the tree of life” – we can come to the Lord to enjoy all His riches! He is so rich, so full, so all-inclusive! Christ is our portion – He has been covenanted to us, and based on the blood of Christ, we can enjoy Him! We can come forward with boldness to the throne of grace in the Holy of Holies in the blood of Jesus! Hallelujah, we can spend time with God to be infused with Him and behold His beauty! [sharing inspired by the Holy Word for Morning Revival on the Crystallization-study of Isaiah(2) / life-study of Exodus msg 79 by brother Witness Lee] [Read this portion also in Spanish / Puede leer esta porción también en español, ¡Por la sangre de Cristo somos redimidos, perdonados y disfrutamos a Dios en el lugar Santísimo!]

Thank You Lord for Your precious blood! We have been redeemed by Your blood! We are no longer under the usurpation of Satan nor under the curse of the law! Praise the Lord – we can have our sins washed and forgiven through Your blood! What an efficacious blood! What a precious blood! Thank You we can come to God to enjoy God based on the blood of Jesus Christ! We can even come all the way into the Holy of Holies to be in the heart of God! Thank You Lord Jesus for opening a new and living way through Your blood!

God wants us to love Him back – willingly love Him! (young people’s conference in Poland)

Recently, there was a Young People’s Conference in Lipowiec, Poland, and some loving seekers of the Lord got together to enjoy the Lord and spend a weekend together in His Word! There is so much to say about this wonderful Christ, His Word, His divine life, and His Sweetness! Below is the short but sweet sharing of some of the young ones who were there at the conference – what they enjoyed the most. [Read this portion also in Spanish / Puede leer esta porción también en español, ¡Dios quiere que respondamos a Su amor por nosotros, amándolo – que lo amemos voluntariamente! (conferencia para jóvenes en Polonia)]

We had wonderful time in Lipowiec this year. It was nice to see the young people praying, singing, and sharing. I was touched with the word that God loves us so much and He doesn’t want us to do anything for Him but only to love Him back. Without Him we are empty and lonely, and only He can fill this emptiness![sharing by sister Edyta O.]

Dear saints. I’d like to share with you with something what touched me during the conference in Lipowiec, Poland. The Bible is a book of life! When we believed in God we got a new life. God became our life and He is now the most important Person in our life. The Lord now just wants us to love Him and live with Him. He wants us to be open. He wants us to spend time with Him. I was touched that we can spend 7 minutes with the Lord. It’s only seven minutes, but it can be wonderful beginning of a day. O Lord, I want to spend at least 7 minutes every day with You! Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! [sharing by sister Klaudia S.]

In Lipowiec, away from the rest of the world (by being out there) we could focus only on enjoying the Lord! And the atmosphere was like in a real, big family 🙂 All I wished was that it had been a little longer – more then 3 days.  I enjoyed the most that God created us with free will and “put eternity in our heart [ a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy]” Eccl. 3:11. We are not God’s slaves, He didn’t “force” us to love Him by creating us with that feeling. Our God is great so He gave us a choice – He doesn’t want slaves but people who love Him by choosing Him everyday in their daily life using their free will! Only in this way we can be partners of Christ! Slaves can’t be a partner of Christ, but Christ’s lovers can! Lord Jesus, be our choice every day! [sharing by Rafał S.]