How Spending Time with the Lord in the Morning Refreshes Him and Supplies Us

In Psalm 110 there’s a marvelous record of the drinking Christ, the fighting Christ, the Victorious Christ, and the Christ who is both the High Priest (according to the order of Melchizedek) and the King (the scepter is between His legs).

What is more striking in this chapter is that there’s a call for being those who refresh Christ by being the morning dew to Him. We need to be the young men who are willingly offering ourselves to Him for His purpose – specifically, those who are “in the womb of the dawn” to be refreshing to Him.

If we do not rise up early in the morning, we will miss the opportunity to enter into the womb of the morning to be made dew for Christ’s watering. Instead of being watered, He will be dry and we also will be dry. I hope that we all, especially the young people, will see that here Christ likens Himself to a plant that needs the mild, soft, gentle dew. May we respond to Him by saying, “Lord Jesus, I want to be the dew conceived and produced by the womb of the morning for You to be watered.” (Witness Lee, Life-study of the Psalms, msg. 38).

In the Bible and in our Christian experience there’s the principle of waking up a bit earlier in the morning so that we may spend time with the Lord. Many Christians love the Lord, and they pay the price to “overcome the love for their bed” by waking up earlier to spend time with the Lord they love.

But have you ever thought that our spending time with the Lord in the morning is not merely for our nourishment, supply, and satisfaction, but it is also for Him to be refreshed, supplied, and watered?

As we touch the Lord and fellowship with Him, as we open our whole being to Him in our time with Him, we drink from Him as the fountain of living waters and our thirst is quenched, our inner man is nourished, and our mind is reconstituted with His living words. At the same time, Christ drinks from us and He is refreshed and watered.

Our time with the Lord early in the morning, our spiritual morning watch, can be something that both supplies us and waters Him! As He is fighting the spiritual warfare to defeat God’s enemies and bring in the kingdom of God, Christ needs us to spend time with Him: He needs us to “enter into the womb of the dawn” and be produced as the dew that is so gentle, fresh, and watering to Him. How wonderful!

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offering ourselves willingly to the Lord to be the dew to water and refresh Him

willingly offering ourselves to the Lord to water Him in the day of His warfare

I love this song – Oh, the joy of having nothing, being nothing, seeing nothing, but a living Christ in glory, and being careful for nothing but His interest here on earth! The Lord desires such people who care for Him absolutely and are willingly consecrated to Him. Psalm 110:3 shows us that in the day of His warfare, as He is riding in the battle to defeat His enemies, Christ is watered and refreshed by the consecration of His people.

We need to be saved from any oldness and staleness through daily consecrating ourselves to the Lord and offering ourselves willingly to Him for His purpose. We want to be the young men who are like the dew produced by the much time with the Lord “in the womb of the dawn”. Even before the sun rises up we can spend time with the Lord for His interest, to minister to Him, and to refresh Him. He needs such men, and the splendor of our consecration is watering to Him. Read more on this topic via,

willingly offering ourselves to the Lord to water Him in the day of His warfare