What is the real growth in the divine life?

The increase of the element of God means that more of God Himself has been mingled with us and received by us to become our element. Therefore, the real growth of life is the increase of God’s life within us.

The increase of the element of God means that more of God Himself has been mingled with us and received by us to become our element. Therefore, the real growth of life is the increase of God’s life within us. Life is God Himself. When life grows in us, God is increased in us. Life grows and increases to an extent that we may be filled unto all the fullness of God. This is the final word of Ephesians 3:19….

Colossians 3:4 says that Christ is our life. Thus, growth of life is the increase of Christ within us. The more we love Christ and pursue Christ, the more the measure of the stature of Christ will increase within us. This is the real growth of life. (Witness Lee, Further Talks on the Knowledge of Life, pp. 180-181).

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enjoyment from the 2010 Winter School of Truth – having a fresh appreciation for the Bible

Every year towards the end, usually in the last week of the year, we have a “Winter School of Truth“, a week when the young people gather together to get into the truth. In Europe, until now, this school of the truth in winter took place in Bower House – and just a week ago, during the last week of year 2010, we had the Winter School of the Truth! Below is brother Jonatan’s sharing from what he enjoyed the most in this time(the main topic was, The Bible). [Read this portion also in Spanish / Puede leer esta porción también en español, testimonio del disfrute de la Escuela de Invierno de la Verdad 2010: Valorar la Biblia de una manera fresca]

I really enjoyed the whole time in the Winter School of the Truth this past year! The Lord refreshed me so much and He gave me a fresh vision to appreciate and read the Bible! The whole week we were under such a good dispensing of the Lord!

I really enjoyed the fact that the Bible has 66 books! The brother helped us how we can memorize how many books are in the New and the Old testament in this simple way: 3*9=27 -> there are 39 books in the Old Testament, 27 books in the New Testament, and there are 66 books in the Bible altogether ! Wow – how wonderful is this! Besides this, here are some main things that I enjoyed in the Winter School this year:

  1. When somebody asks us a question about the Bible and we don’t know the answer we shouldn’t try to guess the answer but simply say‚ I don’t know! (then, go and read the Bible to find out the answer!)
  2. The Bible is the personal letter of God to His children!
  3. If we want to know God and His heart we need to read the Bible because the Lord and the Bible are ONE!
  4. When we read the Bible we have to use our mind to understand it!
  5. A verse a day keeps the Devil away! We can overcome the enemy when we read God’s word! AMEN!
  6. The Lord chose us to live in Europe these days, at the end of this age!
  7. Whatever we give the Lord, He gives it back to us – on a larger scale / bigger!
  8. The more we know the facts of the Bible, the more the Lord can show us more of His riches!
  9. When people say the Bible is rubbish, we need to ask them: “Have you ever read the Bible?”
  10. The best way to read the Bible is to START NOW to read it!
  11. Everything in this world runs out – but the Lord will never fail!
  12. We need to take in God’s word as life!
  13. Simple ways we can enjoy God word are: when we read, we also pray read, memorize, preach and sing His WORD!
  14. Gods’ word is our milk and our bread of life!
  15. We shouldn’t get married to soon! Satan knows that marriage is a sacred thing, so because of this Satan wants to attack the matter of marriage!
  16. I also really enjoyed the facts that the Bible is real and true; the facts which I enjoyed the most are:
    – The Bible needed 1600 years to be finished and it was written by more than 40 writers!
    – Most of the prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled – except the one about the Lord’s second return! (so saints we have to be prepared for His coming – so that He can steal as His precious ones!)
    – The people loved the Bible so much that they gave their own life for the Bible! WOW – this touched me a lot! Lord Jesus thank you that we can have the Bible and we can read it today(without being killed)!
    – The Bible was never destroyed! Hallelujah saints the Bible was attacked so many times but it was never destroyed!!!
    – The Bible can positively change people! In the Bible there are many examples how the Bible changed people in a positive way!
  17. When God created everything on the earth He said “It is good”, but when God created man He said “It is VERY GOOD!” We are the highest creation of God!
  18. Our body is a container that carries our Spirit and Soul!
  19. When we enjoy the Lord, all the three parts of our soul – the emotion, the mind and the will – are filled with God, and our thinking and behaviour changes!
  20. As believers, we have a function – our function is to bear fruit for the increase of Christ!
  21. The life in us doesn’t wants to be served all the time – the divine life in us wants to serve others!
  22. When we see the matter of the church, we will love every brother and sister because of His love!
  23. When we are in the church there is no difference between rich or poor!
  24. If our life is not for Christ then it is a waste! The best gift we can give to the people is CHRIST!
  25. Christ is our Saviour – He saves us from our sins and He also saves us from ourselves!