This is a small compilation of spiritual links that, I think, would encourage all of us in our Christian walk. We all realize how much we need to read the Word of God, pray over it, and also have access to the proper interpretation of the Word – which “betrothes” us to Christ, makes us love Him and His Word more, and opens the mysteries of God’s economy to us. Some of the websites where you can find spiritual nourishment – are listed below.

Spiritual Nourishment online

  • ReadHisWordCreate a schedule online for reading the Bible, read about how to read the Bible and why to read the Bible. Also, read about the history of the Bible: From God, to man, through time.
  • RecoveryVersionRead the New Testament online(the Recovery Version) – the entire text of The New Testament Recovery Version, complete with footnotes and cross references, for your viewing and searching. Search by verse reference or by keywords, or select the book and chapter you’d like to read from.
  • MinistryBooks – Read online spiritual books like the Life-study of the Bible, the collected works of Watchman Nee, selected titles by Witness Lee, the conclusion of the New Testament, high peak books, etc. Put online by Living Stream Ministry.
  • Emanna – The Word of God delivered to you daily by email – a daily portion from the Word and a portion of spiritual nourishment(short words of the ministry) to strenghten your faith. Very encouraging and supplying.
  • LSM Radio – Tune in to the Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee(the radio programme of LSM) – or download past radio programmes from the archive. A series of 26-30mins radio broadcasts going through the whole Bible, book by book, with questions and answers. Good spiritual food.
  • Affirmation & Critique – Scholarly works on Christian faith and theology, magazine put out by A&C Press with articles on the main topics of the Bible written in a very scholarly way. Some topics: knowing the Triune God; union with the Triune God; the All-inclusive Christ; the Pneumatic Christ; The full ministry of Christ; the corporate Christ; The Kingdom of God; The Purpose of God; God; John 14; Ephesians.
  • LSM Webcast – Up-to-date ministry broadcasts, browse online publications from LSM, and many messages – both in audio and video format – from the ministry of Witness Lee. Paid subscription for getting high quality spiritual nourishment, with archives available to search and download. Solid spiritual food.
  • LastAdam – Links, announcements, pictures, hymns, updates, banners – compilation of lots of news and articles from the church life all over the world. Very encouraging website.
  • Free Christian Literature – Order online Free Christian Literature – in different languages like English, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czeck, Polish, French, Hebrew, Greek, German, Russian, Arabic, etc. Spirit-and-Word filled Christian books for free – sent in the mail, like: The Glorious Church, The All-inclusive Christ, the Knowledge of Life, the Economy of God, etc.
  • Living To Him – The purpose of this website is to supply a forum for dialogue, study and prayerful exploration with a goal of helping young adults practically enter into a vital living(morning revival, a scheduled living, get into the truth, prayer with prayer partner, preaching the gospel, going to all the church meetings, sanctified in managing your finances. Listen to messages, read, and get into a companion group.

Hymns and Spiritual Songs

  • – Listen to songs online, search through the large database of hymns, new songs, new tunes, etc. You can also post comments or enjoy what others have shared on this website about their experience of the Lord related to the particular hymns there.
  • – Hymns and spiritual songs – Singing, instrumental, and children songs, with samples and also possibility to purchase different hymn CD’s and tapes – contacting the Lord through singing these and other hymns has caused our hearts to love Him more!

5 thoughts on “Links

  1. I would also highly recommend the website,, broadcast via tunewki or shoutcast radio, for 24 hour streaming radio of beautifully performed hymns sung with excellent musical accompaniment produced by the NYC Young People and made available through Living Stream Ministry, including many of the hymns beloved in the Lord’s Recovery as well as those composed by Howard Higashi. Excellent website for listening and worship!

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